Unravel the Wire

by Joshua Jensen

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‘Unravel the Wire’ is an album resulting from several years of writing and creating music; each track singing of a special time and place. Stylistically, the album exhibits a raw, acoustic sound crossing genres such as folk, funk, and gypsy jazz.

"I dig the harmonica! Hah…how could you not? Track 4: Where We Are…is in my happy place. I dig that harmonica!" -Sammy Younan, NewMusic Ten (www.newmusicten.com)

“Some fun-loving songs with great guitar riffs and nice accompaniment by horns and harmonica.” -Andrew Hansen, Needle on Record (www.needleonrecord.com)


released December 18, 2012

Tracks 2, 3, 5, and 7 feature Alex Capron on clarinet

Recorded by:
Gary Mula at the Bani Love Studio, Seattle, WA

Album Art by:
Jeffrey Jensen, Austin, TX

Photography by:
Lauren Jensen, Seattle, WA



all rights reserved


Joshua Jensen Seattle, Washington

Joshua Jensen is a singer/songwriter living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. His influences come from a diverse palette of musicians, which is very much reflected in his song writing style and approach.

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Track Name: Lopez
Welcome to the Island where one can get no sleep
Take your shoes off, the water isn’t deep
We’ll sing until the sunrise hits the night
It’s been a good day, a good day, goodnight

As breakfast comes we’ll dabble syrup on
Hop on our bikes and ride across the ocean
The cups they come, this spot is now ours
Let’s drink our drinks, steal canoes, snicker while we ask

Excuse me, Mr. Lopez, where can we sit
You say it isn’t so, but we think this is it

Let’s walk along the water and climb above the sand
Feast like kings and now we understand
We need to build a house where the love shines bright
Tonight, tonight

Welcome to the Island where one can get no sleep
Take your shoes off, the water isn’t deep
We’ll sing until the sunrise hits the night
It’s been a good day, a good day, goodnight
Track Name: Carpe Dium
I once was a beggar, once was a thief
Asked for some time, stole some relief
Stood for a moment, rambled just a few
Threw down my cards, knew just what to do

An arbitrary manuscript, to parch what is meant
Then the moment slips away, and this is what is left

I ran for the sailboat, on coarse with the song
The change that it carries, the same all along
Set sail in the morning, sail the whole night through
Give me your time, give me all of you

I once was a hero, once the diseased
Saved all of mankind, then died
Sick at sea
Track Name: Unravel the Wire
A fine wire, will hold the best soles around
You first got to learn to walk your ground
It must take, ten thousand steps
To keep the world spinning

You best walk that wire, between alleys in the sky
Miles above where everyday resides
An act of balance
A death defying feat

Once you step, one thought remains
Dance with a lackadaise refrain
Your feet move, and watch the world below
As it keeps falling

You step off, and take a cordial bow
The crowd cheers and chants you on
Disappear and never come around
Keep the world guessing…

“walk across the wire and watch the world spin again…”
Track Name: Where We Are
I saw you from the bus today, you asked if I could spare real change
Some sense for style, a dime for grace, another moment fleeting
Although we shared a brief exchange, our lives our stories move the same
The City has its way and then, time it has another

Is who we are, what we know
Now is that what we’re after?
Is where we go, rarely far
From what we have to offer?
Suddenly, we’re in this all
Suddenly, we’re in this all together

Once again I saw you standing there, you were preaching from a corner
In your pinstripe suit and telephone, and half a care for anything
In life we’ll find those secret eyes, they have their own reflections
I emphasize with those who love, that life is but a dream

Where did you go, what did you do, and does it have to do with laughter?
Will I ever reconcile for never connecting
With those I’ll never know as well, or those with different endings
Will I stray away from fate? Or is fate just too tempting…
Track Name: Salabar
It’s all about the world you see
And all the things you want to be
Take them all or one by one
But don’t forget me when it’s done

There’s something more to you I say
Be all you are to forge the way
Let love abide, let troubles lie
And pull the rope between your eyes
Track Name: This Flight
There used to be a fancy name, a fancy name for playing games
In this name is a truth; speaks to me, speaks to you

I once had a wooden toy, a wooden toy as a boy
With this toy I played for two; played for me, played for you

Before my time a fishin’ pier, he would fish from year to year
From this pier he always drew, fish for one, fish for two

I hear there was a secret tree, she would climb, a look to see
From this tree always grew, fruit for us, she always knew

Come then, let us take each other’s hand, embrace now & see
The old is new, our souls are too, let’s go now, be free
And fly…fly…fly…

Story goes, that no one knows, if time gets faster or it slows
Cheers of ale, ye old friend, take the bow, let it sail

I find love growing day by day, love will change, yet remain
One so strong and one so true, no regrets, so we choose

Come then, let us take each other’s hand, embrace now & see
The old is new, our souls are too, let’s go now, be free
And fly…fly…fly…
Track Name: Heist
Come now, we’ve got to catch that train
You know, or else we starve for days
Grab your hat, can’t be late
Don’t slow down, hustle, this cannot wait

Got a bag for the gold, and a gun for the man
Got a suit from the tailor, fit right in
Take a seat on the left, she sits to my right
If I had my way, train would ride all night

Fast now, make sure you see their hands
Take all, take everything you can
Steal the purse, take the watch
It’s our time now, quickly, take the lot

Ah shit! Third seat’s got a gun!
Bye now! These gamblers got to run
Don’t get shot, don’t look back
The heist is done, the heist like that